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If your company has an idea or project that could become an EU project or you are looking to join one, at INFO Europe we have all the tools to help take your project further. Ready to become part of the opportunity?

What is an EU project?

EU projects are launched in cooperation with entities from other countries and offer generous grants to help the project. The goal is to develop highly competitive technologies and products that entrepreneurs wouldn’t be able to execute on their own.

How do I start?

If you have an innovative project idea that could have international scope or if what you are looking for is to be part of an EU project by offering experience and knowledge in a joint venture


At INFO Europe
we want to guide you
every step of the way.

We work to ensure we’re always up to date with all the most relevant opportunities to help you obtain funding to give your project a competitive edge and ensure it reaches international audiences. This is just part of the many ways we can help you achieve your goals.

and advice

Information and advice in every phase of your project to ensure you obtain EU funding, from start to finish.


Constant training through online tips, courses and informative events related to the preparation and management of projects.

Cheque europa

INFO Europe helps you get the best team to prepare the necessary documentation in the presentation of a project, with the goal of obtaining grants that will reduce the initial risk.

Much more
than just numbers

We trust in our growth and in the increasing number of companies that benefit from the programmes, training and grants that INFO Europe manage to obtain and adapt to every one of their projects.
  • 69 million euros in funding
  • 250 entities participating during last year
  • 43% of companies in Murcia form part of it


Make buildings smart to improve energy efficiency.


Improving the lives of people with spinal cord injury with its Humexe biomechanical exoskeleton prototype.


New strategies to manage plastic waste sustainably and contribute to the transformation of the plastic packaging industry.


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inicio: Nov 18, 2023 | 09:11 am
fin: Nov 26, 2023 | 09:11 pm

EU Week for waste Reduction 2023

inicio: Sep 19, 2023 | 12:09 am
fin: Sep 19, 2023 | 01:09 pm

HE Clúster 4 Industria: lanzamiento convocatorias 2024 – virtual

inicio: Oct 24, 2023 | 09:10 am
fin: Oct 25, 2023 | 09:10 pm

Workshop on management and justification of projects under the European Union’s Horizon Europe programme

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#WorldSoilDay #DíaMundialdelSuelo

On the occasion of World Soil Day, we are sharing a contribution from the Region of Murcia to respond to the challenges of sustainable management